Free Japanese Snack Giveaway Event!

In celebration of Manga Spice Cafe’s subscription box service launch, we are hosting a giveaway party on Facebook! Between 9am & 11pm, the event page will be posting Asian snack and drink giveaways EVERY SINGLE HOUR. At the end of each hour, a winner will be selected. This will be happening in real time on Saturday, March 4, 2017.

Manga Spice Cafe is like a maid cafe in a box. Our goal is to expose new manga to our subscribers and introduce them to the new anime coming out each season, that the manga inspired. This box is great for manga enthusiast, looking to broaden their horizons and explore the many different genres that are out there. (This is also a great way to support the art creators and production of printed books!) Read manga the way it was meant to be read!


And what better way to cozy up with a manga book than to do it with snacks and drinks? We’ll have cafe snack/drink items you’ll see in our box, up for grabs Saturday, such as classic Pocky, chewy mochi desserts, & Ramune sodas in different flavors!


So if you love Japanese snacks and want in, please click Join on our event page HERE and follow us in real time.

Also, if you want to try out our first Manga Spice Cafe box for March, orders are now open. Visit to sign up! (You can join our e-newsletter mailing list here too)

One Comment Add yours

  1. YoruNeko says:

    Good giveaway keep up the good work snacks​ is the best way for a prize they won’t expired when it delivered haha


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