What’s in Your Dagashi Bag? – October 2017

october unboxing header photo

October’s Box arrived full of goodies for the Halloween season. Manga Spice Cafe subscribers unboxing 3 spooky manga, a handful of tasty Asian snacks, & a yummy drink, as they do each month. But this time, we got a taste of Japan trick-o-treat style with an included “dagashi” bag. Dagashi means basically junk food in Japanese and a dagashi bag usually comes with a mix of candies and snacks kids can buy for a few cents.

Box Info Sheet - October 2017 (back).jpgOctober’s special trick-o-treat dagashi bag included juicy fruit gummies & chews, fizzy soda candy, pocky, rice crackers, corn snacks, marshmallows, tangy candy, and a cone with creamy filling. Sooo good! Everything was listed in colorful array on the back of the info sheet. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fit all the ingredients on the back, so we’re listing them below.

(The rest of this post is for informational purposes so that subscribers can try the dagashi bag without worry of allergies. If you’d like to see the full unboxing of October Box 2017, click here!)

kasugai fruit gummy candyhi-chew soda & colaumaibo corn pottageshelly senbei rice crackernobel chibi candysuper cola candysangyo awa cola candylemon chan candyhi-chew sourskoeda cookie and creamcaplico conesABC jelly stickshello kitty marshmellows

Manga Spice Cafe is a monthly subscription box service that sends you 3 brand newly released manga, snacks and a special drink. If you want to try interesting Asian snacks such as these,  visit Manga Spice Cafe today to subscribe for your own box!

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