FREE Manga on Free Comic Book Day!

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May the 4th be with you! Today is Free Comic Book Day, and in honor of this, Manga Spice Cafe will be adding an extra FREE manga book to subscribers’ crates. This is a TODAY ONLY event, so you want to get your subscription order in BEFORE MIDNIGHT tonight!

manga spice - january box

Normally, Manga Spice Cafe’s subscription box includes 3 brand new, newly released manga, 3 – 5 Asian snacks and 1 Asian drink. It’s modeled after Japanese manga cafes, which provides its visitors with rent-able seating areas inside cubicles and has cold & hot meals, snacks, drinks, and even soft serve. Sounds like home, right? Well, for those who can’t make it to Japan on the regular, this box brings the cafe experience to you!

fire force straw candy ramen

The manga box service has grown substantially since it’s launch in March 2017, and is growing in popularity among manga collectors and anime fans. It’s nice to see the company giving fans opportunities like this to collect more of what they love without breaking the bank.

The theme for this month is Love & Memories, which includes the sneak previewed manga, Emanon Vol. 1. Fans of the manga Wandering Island will fall in love with another one of Kenji Tsuruta’s beautifully illustrated works, based on Shinji Kajio’s award-winning novel, Memories of Emanon.

Want to get manga, snacks, a drink, PLUS a bonus, surprise manga this month? Sign up today @

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